Thursday, May 13, 2010

HWI Headquarters Progressing

Today Ken & Todd began doing some bike mechanics. We still have some sorting and organizing. The white board against the brick is peg board we plan to have silhouettes of where specific tools will hang.
We only have Todd with us for a few more years and he is off to France. Todd has been working with us to learn about bikes and potentially do something like HWI in France as he does church planting.
Updates are happening in every room. We didn't have a utility sink so one was put into a bathroom that was without a sink. Also, thanks to the trash we got the rack above the toilet, the toilet seat and the towel.
Here is our parts room. We now have shelving on both sides of the room. Seats will hang off of chain along the side of the shelving. All the steel shelving came from our landlord.
The other side of the room. We bought the bricks. The wood again came from the landlord. Many of our spare parts are in trash bins as you can see on the floor. The brick is just the right size for our trash bins-found in the trash when we first began.
Here is the 2nd desk in the office. Everything in the picture was supplied through the trash, including the pillow that goes perfectly with the walls. The paper shredder came to us broke and a neighbor resurrected it.
This is the other side of the office. The only pieces in the picture that weren't from the trash are the guitar in the corner and the carpet. God indeed knew how we would furnish our headquarters. I couldn't ask for a nicer office even if I went out and bought everything in it.

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